Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse

This is not what i call a cheap mouse, I got this from microsoft at a cost of £70.
I have been using it for quite a while now and can honestly say I am very pleased with it.
It moves around very easily both on and off the mouse mat.
I really should tell you that this is a right handed mouse and I am a Lefty and like most left handed people am fairly ambidextrous.

The mouse is a very good size and sits nicely in hand, I like the non slip sides and mouse wheel, behind the scroll wheel are 2 sensitivity buttons, on the left side of the mouse are 2 buttons that being left handed i sometimes inadvertently click, these 2 buttons like to change my page over when i’m not gaming lol, that for me is the only issue i have, but as i said it is a right handed mouse :D. The left and right click tabs work very well, not too sensitive, so not easy to double click by mistake.

A cool feature is the light up logo and scroll, these change colour or you can set it to one steady colour of your choice or turn the lights off. Software for the mouse is easily downloadable where there are many more features that i haven’t mentioned, as I am still learning things about this mouse, some features I will never use as I am only a part time gamer and not tech minded lol.

In my opinion this mouse is excellent value for money,
Very well worth it 🙂

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