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About Jaenelle

Name: Sara (Token “Responsible” Adult…. xD)
Steam ID: Stormvixen
Occupation: Boring Grown-up 9-5 job…this pays the bills…
Age: Is this relevant?!
Role here:
               Mostly reviewing some of the older games kicking about, and a bit of Xbox too, even though I’m not a console bunny (checking out my steam account should tell you that!) I have a broken PC at the moment, though, so it’s something to do in the meantime… :-)
Hobbies: I write reviews, poetry, books, and take photos. A lot of photos. I do some gig photography, and other commissioned work from time to time. I’ve also shot the odd live video or three.
I’m also a seasoned musician, in many genres and instruments.
I play games. Sometimes using dice, pens and paper, and sometimes using controllers, keyboards and mice.
I have Razer gear, and am not afraid to use it! Mostly of late my time has been taken up by Skyrim. And Railroad Tycoon III.
I also muse a lot. Sometimes I get quite deep and serious and write about life, the universe, and everything on my blog. But a lot of the time I make pointless posts on Failbook instead. (If anyone is interested in my musings then I’m sure I can pass on a link)
I probably procrastinate more than I should…. but I might talk more about that once I’ve made a cup of tea… xD
Oh, did I also mention I cook? Well? My Carbonara has been stated to be better than a restaurant’s and I make my own sauces from scratch.
You might get some old style reviews from me at some point as well, you know, the ones which have screenshots, and words to read… cause I mix it up like that you know…
I also share a birthday with Neil Gaiman. Which I think is rather cool…