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Welcome To KliptOut's Website

Here you will find all the information about the crew and the projects that are going on with KliptOut.

Feel free to browse about and register to the forums and leave us feedback on what you think about the changes so far and what you think we should do for projects.

The KliptOut Blog and forums are NOW LIVE. So go check them out!

This website is still currently under construction so changes are being made almost daily!

There is some information on some of the older crew of KliptOut so that is something you can go check.

Latest News

We are currently figuring out some things to do with the KliptOut and talking about where we are wanting to take it.

Also you will see that we have a discord server which you can join if you like we are hoping to play with you guys soon and have a chat on there!

Hope to have some more cool little things soon...

We are also trying to figure some times where we will be streaming to twitch and hopefully uploading some highlights and maybe some videos to youtube.

Kwazee has had some time off due to health reasons but it trying to get back into things it's just taking some time, Just know she has NOT given up on KliptOut and we are trying to get things sorted.